Brewery Profile: WoodGrain Brewing Co. of Sioux Falls

This is the second in our first in a series of profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week.

Official Brewery Name: WoodGrain Brewing Co.

Ownership: Jason Currie-Olson, Ryan VanTol, and Steve Hartman

Brewers: Steve Hartman and Jason Currie-Olson

Year Founded: 2014 (opened 2015)

Address: 101 S. Phillips Ave. #100 in Sioux Falls


Flagship Beer: Milk Stout and SMaSH Pale Ale

Year-round Brews: SMaSH Pale Ale (rotating hops), IPA, Milk Stout, Wheat

Notable Seasonals/Features: Imperial Brown Ale, Liquid Alpha, several barrel aged beers

Brewing equipment:
WoodGrain Brewing Co. works with a 5-barrel Psychobrew brewhouse, four, 5-barrel Spidel primary fermenters, and two Glacier 5-barrel brite tanks.  Annual maximum capacity is in the 600 barrel range.

What is a South Dakota beer law or regulation you’d like to see changed?
While self-distribution is a popular change, we’d also like to see breweries have the ability to make ciders and meads

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
In addition to location (we’re located in a 5-story office/software development building in Downtown Sioux Falls) we make a wide variety of beers. To date WoodGrain has made 105 batches of beer and more than 40 different beers. There is always something new coming down the pipes. While we will continue to feature our four-regular beers, we are always looking for new ideas, styles, and ingredients to approach. In the end, WoodGrain is just three regular guys, who work full-time jobs, who decided to open a brewery in Sioux Falls because we really love beer.  

What local ingredients do you use?
We use local ingredients whenever we can, when we can find them. We use regional malt and local hops when we can get our hands on them. We just started contracting with Two Track Malting Co. out of Bismark, ND who grow their barley on a sixth-generation family farm. We’ve used hops from Cradle to Grave Farms, Anderson Hop Farms, and Lund Hop Farms. Our primary yeast provider is Union Labs from Sioux Falls.

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