Wooden Legs Brewing Company – Part 2

Seth Koch

I was invited to attend the first brewing session for the Wooden Legs Brewing Company in Brookings, SD.  Brant and Seth were heating the water to brew their Split Rock Creek Pale Ale when I arrived.

Brant Mathiason

This excerpt from their website explains the name  of their company as well as the name of the pale ale –

“The Wooden Legs Brewing Company name is tongue in cheek homage to Judge Wilmot Wood Brookings. Judge Brookings is a significant figure in history of South Dakota. The county and city were named after him although he only visited the city twice.

In February 1858, Brookings rode a horse from Sioux Falls to the Yankton area during a blizzard. His horse slipped and fell into Split Rock Creek in the freezing weather. Brookings made it safely to Yankton, but his wet legs had suffered such severe frostbite they both needed to be amputated. He spent the rest of his life using a pair of squeaky, wooden legs.”

The various barley types were cracked and added to the mash tun.  As the mixture heated we sampled a 2010 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Black Betty Imperial Stout from the Nebraska Brewing Company.  The recipe for this ale was carefully followed throughout the afternoon.

Split Rock Creek Pale Ale

The beer will take several weeks fermenting and aging before it is ready to sample.  According to Seth, it will be similar in taste to Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.  I am excited to try the finished product!  Stay tuned for updates on this beer and the Wooden Legs Brewing Company.