Thank you, Dale! And, a new beer you should look for.

Hello! My name is Ben Hanten and I happy to say that I’m going to keep sodakbeer going. Dale has done the South Dakota beer world a great service over the last several years. He has tipped us all off to a number of new beers in the market and he has celebrated the people trying to move beer forward around here. I feel a part of a big beer community thanks to sodakbeer. Thanks a million, Dale.

I hope to combine by background in beer and journalism to help bring you stories and updates from the beer scene.

Odell Elephunk available in limited supplies

My beer rep approached me last week (I own a bar called Ben’s in Yankton) about Odell Elephunk. It’s described as Imperial Wild Ale and she told me that Yankton was only allotted twelve 12oz bottles. I was able to snag six of them and they quickly sold out to some of our beer geeks. I nabbed one of them and Elephunk didn’t disappoint. 

The cost for a 12oz bottle is high… My price from the distributor was $6.88 per bottle and we sold bottles for $9.75 (includes about 70 cents of sales tax). It clocks in at 9.9% ABV with 33IBU and it’s a sour / wild ale like I haven’t tried. As my friend Perry Volden (formerly of Gandy Dancer) said, “Greatly enjoyed the beer! Don’t know that I could drink a bunch of them but this was great!” It tasted a bit more pungent and woody than most sours to me, but if you can find a bottle, grab it. As I said, we’re already sold out down here.

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  1. Glad you are able to take the reins from Dale! Cheers to you, and thanks Dale for all of you have done to bring awareness to great beer in our great state.

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