Tallgrass 8 – Bit Pale Ale


Pale ale fans have a new and different choice from the Tallgrass Brewing Company.  This one is creating lots of interest from craft beer fans because of the limited distribution area of Tallgrass and good reviews on Beer Advocate and Ratebeer.  It is available from France 44 by mail order if you aren’t in the normal distribution area for Tallgrass.

ABV = 5.2%

IBUs = 40

Malts: 2 Row, Victory, Vienna & Munich

Hops: Galaxy, Magnum, Centennial & Cascade

Taylor’s (Good Spirits) $7.09/ 4 pack/16 oz.

8 - Bit Pale Ale in a tulip glass

Tasting notes –

Gold, white head into a pint glass

Good – a must try for pale ale fans!

Decent carbonation – don’t pour too quickly (see image below)!

Nice change of pace from typical American pale ales.  Tropical aroma & flavor (Galaxy hops from down under!).  Nicely balanced with the malt backbone.

8 - Bit Pale Ale on the deck!