Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest

Southern Hemisphere HJarvest

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company of Chico, CA makes this fresh hop ale.  I picked up a 24 oz. bottle for $5.39 at Good Spirits Fine Wine & Liquors in Sioux Falls.  The difference about this beer is that the hops are grown in New Zealand, dried and then flown to Chico for brewing.  Hops grown in the US are usually harvested in the late summer, and fresh hop ales are a fall seasonal offering.  Since these hops are from the southern hemisphere, this ale is a late spring/summer option.  Three New Zealand hop varieties are used including Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Southern Cross and New Zealand Motueka.  I like this style and am always glad to see it in the store.  Sierra Nevada is great at brewing “west coast” hoppy beers and this fits right into their portfolio.

ABV = 6.7%

IBUs = 66

The beer pours out clear and dark gold into a pint glass with a fluffy white head.  The aroma and taste are piney/hoppy and delicious.  There is nice lacing on the glass.

Grade = A-

This is a great seasonal fresh hop ale!  Buy it if you see it, because once it’s gone it won’t be back until next year.


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  1. Picked one up last saturday myself excellent beer just like last years. Any word on when the woodenlegs will be opening to the public?

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