Seize these beers now!

Hop Lab Yellow
Hop Lab family
Hop Lab family


If you’re a hophead like me, you’re always looking for new flavors and new IPAs (India Pale Ales) to try. I tried these two and heartily recommend them.

The first is Hop Lab Yellow from Bank Brewing Company of Hendricks, MN. This beer is the third offering in the Hop Lab series and features Amarillo hops. This IPA series uses the same malt backbone with a different hop profile in each release.

Yellow pours out gold with a white head into a pint glass. The aroma is a mixture of pine and grapefruit. The taste is pine and grapefruit with slight tropical fruit and grassy notes.



This is a good beer that won’t last long. If you are looking for other beers to compare get Odell IPA or Gumballhead from 3 Floyds. Try it now!


Imperial Mango IPA
Imperial Mango IPA


The second beer I’m recommending is Imperial Mango IPA by the Empyrean Brewing Company of Lincoln, NE. It is a Carpe Brewem selection which comes in 4 packs and is only available for a limited time.┬áMy wife liked the slogan “seize the beer” that was on the package and thought it was a clever take on carpe diem.

Imperial Mango IPA poured out gold with a creamy white head into an IPA glass. The aroma was intense mango and tropical fruits (natural mango flavor is added). The flavor is mango and tropical fruit with a slight dank hop character.



This beer was another winner with a unique and different combination of flavor and taste. Myrcenary from Odell or 8 Bit from Tallgrass have some similar flavors. It was so good that I’m grabbing another 4 pack soon before it’s gone.


Bright light affects the appearance!
Bright light affects the appearance!


Seize these beers now while you can. You won’t be sorry!