SDSU Brew Club



The SDSU Brew Club organized this spring for both students interested in homebrewing as well as Brookings area homebrewers.  The members have been meeting at South Dakota State University, in private homes, at Heist Brewing and at local bars.  Heist Brewing and Wooden Legs Brewing of Brookings have been mentoring the group.

A wheat beer “group brew” was held recently.  Seven five gallon carboys were filled using the facilities at Heist Brewing.  Members used different yeasts and sometimes different hops to make different versions of wheat beer.  Some of the varieties included different European yeast strains and one American strain.   A tasting session will be held in a month to compare differences.

Richard Drawdy working on the recipe
Adding grain to the mash tun


Empty carboys


Several yeast strains were used


Pitching the yeast

This project will teach the club members some of the effects that different yeast strains have.  Check back in a month for the results!

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