Schilling Cider Comes to South Dakota

Global Distributing, Inc. recently announced that Schilling Cider is coming to South Dakota. We thought we’d learn more about what they bring to the scene. Above: Colin Schilling, Master Cider Maker and CEO of Schilling Cider House.

Official Cidery Name: Schilling Cider
Ownership: Mark Kornei, Colin Schilling, employee ownership as well
Cider Makers: Colin Schilling, Steve Samuelson, Taylor Whittum, Brad Hill, Jennie Dorsey (Portland Location, Sour Barrel Program)
Year Founded: 2012
Address: 708 N 34th St Seattle WA, 4402 D St. NW Auburn WA & 930 SE 10th Portland Or
Flagship Cider: London Dry & Grapefruit and Chill
Year-round Ciders: London Dry, Grapefruit and Chill, Lumberjack Rhubarb, Mischief Maker Pomegranate, Ascender Ginger, Passport Pinnapple
Notable Seasonals/Features: Grumpy Bear Coffee NITRO (only nitro cider in package)
Briefly describe the size / capabilities of your brewing equipment:
Mainline: 200bbl tanks, also have 150 bbls oak barrel capacity, automated CIP
What ciders will be available in cans / bottles / drafts in South Dakota at launch and the near future?
London Dry, Grapefruit and Chill, Lumberjack Rhubarb, Mischief Maker Pomegranate, Ascender Ginger, Passport Pineapple
What is the cider market looking like in the next few years? Is it growing?
Craft cider is growing at about 45% while industrial ciders are declining about 15% per year. Schilling is growing much faster than the average craft cider.
Are you products all gluten-free? Is the gluten-free market a big segment of your customers?
Yes they are and made in a GF cider (many new cideries operate out of breweries which are of course not GF). It is a segment for sure but not a main driver.
What states are you currently available in?
If one of the big guys came to you with a big check, are you open to selling a portion or all of your company?
NO – My name is on the brand, its not for sale.
What’s unique about your cidery?
First craft cidery to focus on cans – we started the cider can revolution. We don’t use sugar as a main ingredient for back sweetening (its only in our radler-style cider).
What local ingredients (if any) do you use?
Almost everything! All Apples and almost all fruits come from WA. The exception is Pom, Pineapple, Ginger, and Passionfruit for obvious reasons 🙂
Any additional comments?
We are opening a new cider in Portland OR June 16th and it will be a sour-barrel-only cidery making some really cool and exotic things. Also its the largest draft offering in the world – 50 rotating cider taps!

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