Review of Sue’s Apricot Blonde Homebrew

Chuck Loose on brewday

I resumed homebrewing lately, and my wife, Sue, requested that I make something she would like.  Since she likes lighter, low hopped beers such as Magic Hat #9 from the Magic Hat Brewing Company, I set out to find a recipe she would like.  I discovered the Dry Dock Paragon Apricot Blonde kit from Northern Brewer which seemed like a winner.  The extract kit is a clone recipe of the Dry Dock Brewing Company Apricot Blonde.

Chuck Loose, our son from Plainfield, IL, helped brew the beer on April 3.  This beer is unique because it contains only a small amount of hops (0.75 oz. Cascade hops), apricot puree, and apricot extract.  The brewing process went well and we bottled it on April 29.  It was hard to wait, but the first bottle was sampled by Sue on May 11.  See our tasting comments below.

Sue's Paragon Apricot Blonde homebrew

Dry Dock Brewing

Northern Brewer 

ABV = 5.5% (estimated)

Aroma – light apricot

white fluffy head

orangish gold color


good carbonation

light mouthfeel

not hoppy

Sue says it is smooth & she loves it!

This was a very rewarding experience because it was ready for Mothers Day and our anniversary on May 12.  I’m already planning to brew it again.  Apricot Blonde for the win!