Remedy Brewing Company Sioux Falls

Remedy Brewing Company of Sioux Falls – coming soon

This profile of Remedy Brewing Company is the ninth in our series profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week.

Official Brewery Name: Remedy Brewing Company

Ownership: Three local guys starting out in a garage. Matt Hastad – world traveler and beer savant. The guy just has the golden touch in recipe crafting. Jason Davenport – essentially MacGuyver. He’ll take two sticks of gum, some duct tape, and an odd looking spool of wire and make you a brew plant. Tyler Jepperson – The guy you hide in a lab. Ten years biomedical research experience. Just the right amount of crazy (maybe a tinge too much crazy).

Brewers: Our art form starts in Matt’s soul, proceeds down the assembly line to Tyler’s brain, and ends up hammered out by Jason’s mitts.

Year Founded: Homebrewing for a decade. Corporately formed in 2017 and opening in summer 2017.

Address: 401 E. 8th St #120 in Sioux Falls

Facebook: remedybrewco

remedy brewing company 8th and railroad

Flagship Beer:
Queen Bee Imperial Honey Cream Ale

Year-round Brews:
Split-Shift Dakota Common Lager. Cow Tipper Chocolate Milk Stout. Galatcus Otherworldly IPA.

Notable Seasonals/Features:
Open fermented traditional English Ales, Belgians, Roasted Irish Reds, and Peat Smoked Scottish Heavy Ale.

Brewing equipment:
To fuel our tap house we’ll have a 5 BBL system onsite, within view of our honored guests. We’ve already purchased a 25 BBL system to distribute in kegs and cans within a year or so (fingers crossed). We boast the only open fermentation tanks in the Upper Midwest. We’re going to turn out some old school ales to complement our easy drinking lagers.

What’s a South Dakota beer law or regulations you’d like to see changed?
We desperately want to be able to walk a keg or two of our meticulously crafted beverages over to your favorite bars without the necessary but sometimes draconian distribution laws. We love our distributors and they do fantastic work in logistics. We’ll no doubt be using them once we scale up.

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We grew up drinking the big macro brews everyone else in this region did. Beer crafting shouldn’t be a snobby, exclusive endeavor. All are welcome under our banner. Beer should be fun! That being said, every one of our recipes is inspired by centuries of collective brewing experience by our species. We take the old school, put our twist on it, and give Sioux Falls every drop of passion we can summon.

What local ingredients do you use?
The closest honey we can find, utterly perfect Sioux Falls water, grains from the Upper Midwest, yeast propagated in house, and spare no expense on exotic hops not found around these parts.

Final thoughts?
We can’t stress just how important it is to support your local breweries.  We’re nothing without the sacred gift of your patronage and treat your business like a friendship.  We love beer and view it as our way to contribute to the substance of our community.  Every single drop we produce is infused with our undying passion to make Sioux Falls a better place. 

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