Pogonophelia for American Craft Beer Week

Pogonophelia from the Wooden Legs Brewing Company
Pogonophelia from the Wooden Legs Brewing Company


It’s American Craft Beer Week and time to drink local from your favorite craft brewery. I stopped down at the Wooden Legs Brewing Company after work last night to try their Pogonophelia. It is an Imperial or double stout. The first thing most people will ask is what the heck is pogonophelia? Watch the promotional video below and you will soon understand. ¬†The Urban Dictionary defines pogonophilia as “The admiration or promotion of people, usually males, who wear a facial beard”. You will know many craft brewers are fond of beards if you follow the craft beer scene. See this 2013 article from Julia Herz of craftbeer.com to learn more and to admire the beards.



So what about the beer (see the image above)? Pogonophelia pours out black into a goblet¬†glass with a tan head. The aroma is a pleasant mixture of roasty malts. Don’t drink it to quickly because many nuances come out as the beer warms. The taste is a nice balance of malts with some coffee hints. There is some sweetness, but it isn’t cloying. The mouthfeel is medium.



This is a yummy beer and a great job by the folks at Wooden Legs! Don’t delay getting down to the pub because it will be on tap during American Craft Beer Week. Don’t despair because some will be held back for other special occasions this summer and fall. Cheers until next time!