Odell Tree Shaker


Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA is the latest Cellar Series release from the Odell Brewing Company. It brings back memories of eating Colorado peaches and mid 70s rock. The name must come from The Joker by the Steve Miller Band.  Check out the lyrics below.

“You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see
I really love your peaches
Want to shake your tree
Lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time
Ooh wee baby, I sure show you a good time”

I saw this band in Oklahoma City during my vet school days in 1976 during a summer job at Wilson Foods.  Good times!

This beer is brewed with 3000 pounds of Colorado peaches which carries me back to childhood memories of my mother bringing home crates of the delicious peaches for canning and peach pie.  Colorado peaches can still be found each summer in this area if you seek them out (I believe Nyberg’s Hardware in Sioux Falls bring in a shipment).

ABV = 9.7%

The beer pours out hazy gold into a goblet. There is a generous white head and good lacing.  There is a nice tropical fruit aroma with slight peach hints.  The flavor is a mix of citrus and tropical fruit, again with peach hints. This is a nice spin on an imperial IPA recipe.

Thanks to Odell for another good beer and for bringing back some good memories!