Odell Meddler

The Meddler is the new “oud bruin” (old brown) offering from Odell Brewing.  This beer style originated in Flanders, a region that includes parts of Belgium, France & the Netherlands.  Flanders brown and red ales are characterized by a distinct sourness.  The Meddler is a blend of barrel aged and younger ale.  A mixture of Brettanomyces, wild yeasts and Lactobacillus give this ale its unique taste.  Some of the better known examples are Rodenbach, Liefmans and Duchesse De Bourgogne.  The best known American example is New Belgium La Folie.

The 750 ml cork & caged bottle cost $14.49 at the Brookings Liquor Store.

ABV = 8.9%

The Meddler poured out brown with a generous light tan head into a Spiegelau tulip glass.  The tart/sour aroma was immediately evident.  The taste was a mixture of tartness, green apple, raisons, oak and earthiness.  The finish was dry and crisp.

This an enjoyable, but complex beer.  It’s not recommended for beginners.  Food pairings from Garrett Oliver (The Brewmaster’s Table) include pork, duck & venison.