Odell Footprint RegionAle

Odell Footprint

The Odell Brewing Company recently released Footprint RegionAle.  I shared it with friends and homebrewers Richard Drawdy and Jim Best from the SDSU Brew Club.  The bottle was complimentary from Odell.  This beer includes ingredients from the ten states where Odell distributes.  The list of states and ingredients is below –

  1. Colorado – hops & barley
  2. Arizona – prickly pear
  3. Idaho – barley & hops
  4. Kansas – wheat
  5. Minnesota – wild rice
  6. Missouri – oak barrels
  7. Nebraska – corn
  8. New Mexico – green chilies
  9. South Dakota – barley & honey
  10. Wyoming – wheat

ABV = 9.5%

This is a blended ale with 40% ale aged in oak barrels, 40% ale with natural flavors added, 10% ale aged in wine barrels, 5 % ale brewed with honey and 5 % ale brewed with wild rice.


This beer pours out cloudy gold into a goblet.  There is a nice white head.  The aroma is a mixture of floral, grain and slight alcohol.  The taste is fruity (mainly tropical), very slight chili and some alcohol.  The finish is nice and dry.  There is good carbonation.

This was a fun and tasty beer to try and share with Jim and Richard.  Our home state, South Dakota, provided honey and barley.  Odell’s artistry turned this into an interesting and delicious beer!