New Summer Beer Choices

Craft beer fans often look for summer beer styles when spring arrives and the days warm up.  Lagers, wheat beers, cream ales and blonde ales are often selected for their lower alcohol content and easy drinking characteristics.  They are often referred to as “lawnmower beers”.  A couple new beers have just entered the South Dakota market that are worth trying.  Shift Pale Lager is made by New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, CO.    Ingredients include Pale, Munich and c-80 malts.  The hops are a mixture of Target, Nelson Sauvin, Liberty and Cascade.  A four pack of 16 oz. cans was $8.29 at the Brookings Liquor Store.

ABV = 5.0%

IBUs = 29

Shift pours out clear and gold into a pint glass.  There is a white head and light citrus hop aroma.  The flavor is citrus and the beer finishes very clean on the palate.  This beer is an easy crossover beer for craft beer newbies.


Lucky Bucket Brewing is located in La Vista, NE on the southern outskirts of Omaha.  Heartland Wheat joins their lineup of Lager, IPA and Certified Evil (Belgian Strong Ale).  It is a craft beer made from barley, wheat, yeast, water and citrus variety hops.  A six pack cost $9.75 at the Brookings Liquor Store.

ABV = 4.8%

Heartland pours out slightly cloudy and yellow into a pint glass.  There is a white head and a light citrus hop/malt aroma.  The flavor is a nice light blend of citrus and malt.  This beer has a little more body than the New Belgium Shift.

These two selections are both flavorful and refreshing.  They are recommended for a warm afternoon on the deck or at your next picnic.  Cheers until next time!