New Summer Beer Choices

New beer choices and flavors make being a beer geek fun! Seasonal and special releases offer variety to the year around menu of your favorite brewery. I am reviewing two new beers for your consideration – Odell Celastrina Saison and Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.


Odell Brewing makes Celastrina Saison which is named after the Hops Blue butterfly that lives on wild hops in Colorado. Little is known about this butterfly, so Odell is donating $1 from each bottle sold to research. Drink up and help scientists to learn about the Celastrina!

ABV = 7.5%

$13.49/22 oz. cork & caged bottle

The beer pours out hazy gold into a goblet with a generous white head. There is a spicy and clove aroma. The taste is a combination of fruit, clove and a hint of pepper. This beer is a good summer sipper for fans of Belgian beers.


Deschutes Brewery makes Fresh Squeezed IPA for hop lovers. Fans of bland beer don’t need to try this beer. This beer contains generous amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops.

ABV = 6.0%

IBUs = 60

$5.99/22 oz. capped bottle

Fresh Squeezed pours out a rich copper color with a white head into a pint glass. The aroma is a blast of citrus fruit. The taste is a mix of citrus and tropical fruits. There is nice lacing on the glass as the beer is sipped. This is a nice beer for IPA fans!

I recommend both of these beers. They are different styles so pick the one you are prone to like (or get both like me). Don’t wait because they are both limited seasonal releases. Cheers until next time!