New Beer Labels Approved

Richard Drawdy here reporting on behalf of the SodakBeer Blog. I’ve noticed that beer fans are always looking for what’s new and the best way to find out what’s new is to go to the publicly available TTB Label Approval website. Since searching through the site can be cumbersome, I went ahead and did it for you. I’ll be presenting new off-sale labels only since pictures of keg collars get boring fast. The states being covered are Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This edition of the North Central Label Approval Report will be covering the dates: 12/1/16 – 1/30/17.  

In this issue, we have a few new brands coming out with some of their first packaged products including Drekker and Rhombus Guys in North Dakota, and Utepils in Minnesota. Several breweries adding a new spin to their core lineups with re-brands on most of Surly’s cans, Toppling Goliath’s beers, Brickway’s cans, and Nebraska Brewing’s cans. My personal favorite labels in this issue come from Brickway brewing. Their new art is nothing short of fantastic. I was very impressed when I saw those. Other notable mentions from from Hydra and Indeed. The Morning Star bottle from Hydra, and Lucy can from Indeed both provide some eye candy.

Enjoy! If you have any comments or questions feel free to share below or you can follow me @bankbrewer or send me an email directly:

South Dakota: 5 New Labels

Iowa: 18 New Labels

Minnesota: 36 New Labels

Nebraska: 17 New Labels

North Dakota: 7 New Labels