Mount Rushmore Brewing Company, a brewery profile

This profile of Mount Rushmore Brewing is the sixteenth in our series profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week.

Official Brewery Name: Mount Rushmore Brewing Company

Ownership: Brian and Janet Boyer

Brewers: Hanje Ehrlich

Year Founded: Originally founded in Hill City in 1997, officially planted in Custer in 2016

Address: 140 Mount Rushmore Road in Custer

Website: currently Facebook


Flagship Beer:
That’s still in the works!

Year-round Brews:
We will feature an IPA, a wheat, a red, and a porter to start

Notable Seasonals/Features:
We would like to put a focus on seasonal pilsners, sourcing both our base ingredients and unusual flavorings as locally as possible.

Brewing equipment:
10bbl system, 6 fermenters and 6 brights, 5 of which will double as serving tanks

What’s a South Dakota beer law or regulations you’d like to see changed?
We would absolutely love to be able to self distribute!

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We are currently the only brewery in Custer, we’re fortunate enough to be distilling our water in house, we have a full kitchen on two floors of brewery (!!!), and with our 24 tap system, we plan on featuring as many South Dakota beers as we can alongside our own.

What local ingredients do you use?
We are still investigating regional malts, hops, and yeasts. Any “flavors” we add will feature Black Hills ingredients.

Final thoughts?
As we are still under construction, please check out our Facebook page for details on opening dates, menus, and what’s on tap! Thanks for all of your support!

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