Midwest Beercation

What do you get when a beer geek vacations?  The answer is a “Beercation”!  A recent trip to the Chicago area and Grand Rapids, MI presented several good opportunities to visit relatives and beer related attractions.

Siciliano's Market

Grand Rapids, MI is the home to several interesting stops including Siciliano’s Market.  It is a great beer and wine shop with helpful and knowledgable staff.  Sarah and Greg helped me pick out many interesting beers to try.

FounderS Brewing

The next stop was FounderS Brewing where we had lunch.  The brewery had a spacious, sunny pub where I was able to try several of their good beers.

Dale with Red's Rye PA


All Day IPA

One of the most interesting beers was their All Day IPA. It had a lower alcohol content than most IPAs, but still had a good hoppy flavor.

Dale at the HopCat

The last stop in Grand Rapids was the HopCat. It is a highly rated brewpub. We sat on the patio where we enjoyed supper and a couple pints. The highlight there was the Hoppopotamus IPA.


Three Floyds

We traveled to Three Floyds Brewing in Munster, IN after returning to the Chicago area.  The brewery and pub are at exit #1 in Indiana, so it is an easy visit if you’re in the city.  They are well know for their hoppy beers including the notorious Darklord.


3 Floyds Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Chuck Loose enjoying Gumballhead

My son Chuck and I arrived around 1 pm.  The parking lot was full but we were able to find stools at the bar.  We started with Gumballhead followed by an Alpha King Pale Ale.  After a delicious lunch, I finished with a Dreadnaught Imperial IPA.  This is a great place for craft beer fans!  We again found several beers to take home.  It isn’t easy to always find their beers in Chicago liquor stores because of the high demand.

Dale enjoying Gumballhead


Take home beer!

Our last beer stop in Illinois was the Two Brothers Brewing Company in Warrenville, IL (western Chicago suburb).  Sue, Chuck & family and I enjoyed an early supper and several delicious beers (of course!).  Chuck & I tried the Bitter End Pale Ale and Cane & Ebel Red Rye Ale.  Sue liked the Dog Days Lager (a Dortmund German-style lager).  Notice that Chuck & I are wearing our Team Cocktail t-shirts.  They are a cocktail inspired clothing and accessory company run by a group of South Dakotans.

I would encourage all beer fans to drink local when traveling and to visit local craft beer destinations!  Cheers until next time!

Dale at Two Brothers
Dale & Chuck enjoying Cane and Ebel
Bitter End Pale Ale