March thru May Midwest Label Report

Richard Drawdy
Richard Drawdy


Richard Drawdy here reporting on behalf of the SoDakBeer Blog. I’ve noticed that beer fans are always looking for what’s new and the best way to find out what’s new is to go to the publicly available TTB Label Approval Website. Since searching through the site can be cumbersome without some effort, I went ahead and did it for you. I’ll be presenting new off-sale labels only since pictures of keg collars get boring fast.   The states being covered are: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This edition of the North Central Label Approval Report will be covering the dates: 3/26/16 – 5/10/16.   You can follow me @bankbrewer or send me an email directly:


Iowa: Kolona Brewing leads off the action this time with their Putt-Putt Pale Ale in the 12oz format. Toppling Goliath is expanding the Pseudo Sue Brand with Galaxy and Mosaic Dry Hopped versions in the 22oz bottles.








MINNESOTA: Indeed brewing company adding new designs for their Mexican honey Imperial Lager in 16 oz cans and Rum King in 12 oz cans. Surly with a special canned Pale Ale. Mankato adding a 12 oz can of Heller Bock as an extension of their Kato lagers brands. Schell’s with a new Helles called Fort Road. Insight with some fresh can designs for Session Ale, Saison, and IPA. And finally 612 is adding an oatmeal porter can design.





















SOUTH DAKOTA: had no new off-sale labels to report this time period.


NEBRASKA: Zip Line adds a barrel aged Hibiscus Saison to their large bottle lineup. A new brewery to me is Lazy Horse brewing with their Rail Horse Brown Ale in 22oz bottles. Empyrean is adding a 12oz bottle of Kolsch while Nebraska brewing is also adding a Hibiscus barrel aged large format bottle. Lucky Bucket rounds out Nebraska with a coffee stout 12 oz.












North Dakota had no new off-sale labels to report this time period.