Lost Cabin Beer Co. of Rapid City – Brewery Profile

This profile of Lost Cabin Beer Co. is the fourth in our series profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week.

lost cabin tap room rapid city

Official Brewery Name: Lost Cabin Beer Co.

Ownership: Jesse Scheitler and Tom Silbernagel

Head Brewer: Tom Silbernagel

Year Founded: 2016

Address: 1401 W. Omaha St. #3 in Rapid City


lost cabin beer brewing equipment fermenters

Flagship Beers:
Dakota Common and Lord Grizzly Scotch Ale

Year-round Brews:
Turtle Creek Saison, Woodshop Series IPA, West River Rye-PA, Smokewagon Coffee Stout

Notable Seasonals/Features:
We are currently expanding our brewery to include a dedicated Barrel and Sour aging program as well as experimenting with spontaneous fermentation.  We regularly rotate ‘one off’ beers through the tasting room such as our Pecan Porter, Sunday Gulch Saison aged on Blackberries, and are launching a Peach Biere de Garde aged in Chardonnay casks for our 1 year anniversary.

Brewing equipment:
We have a 7bbl brewhouse with 7 and 15 barrel fermentors all from American Beer Equipment in Lincoln, NE  We are also excited to be adding a TON of Oak to the brewery with our first expansion this Spring.

What is a South Dakota beer law or regulation you’d like to see changed?
We would like to see the barrel cap raised, and are excited to see the laws currently being revised to allow brewers to pour beer at festivals.

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We are obsessed with where we live, and work hard to embody the spirit of the Black Hills in our beer and culture. From the tables in the bar to the beer we brew, we are passionate about sharing our love of the Hills with anyone that visits. We pride ourselves on having a high standard of quality and refuse to release any beer that doesn’t meet our expectations; if a beer isn’t exactly what we are looking for, we have no problem putting it down the drain.  Luckily we haven’t had to make that decision very often, but it is important to us that we never settle for mediocre beer. As much as possible, we push the limits of what we are doing in the brewhouse and strive to expand SD drinker’s palates and appreciation for Craft Beer.  Hands down, we have the best customers in the industry and our tasting room is a lively and inviting place with a constant rotation of food trucks, local artists, beer releases and special events.  

What local ingredients do you use?
Sourcing locally is something that we are very passionate about. We collaborate with local artisans on a regular basis such as our Smokewagon Coffee Stout brewed with whole bean coffee from Pure Bean Roasters in Rapid City, and we encourage our guests to support the local business community by eating, drinking and shopping locally. We are stoked to see the Beer-Agriculture starting to grow in our state and source ingredients from South Dakota suppliers whenever we can. Currently, we are working on a collaboration with Crow Peak and The Knuckle that will be brewed entirely with ingredients sourced from the Dakotas.  It is exciting to live in a place where we can brew a beer and talk to the farmers that are just as passionate about making great beer as we are. There is a lot of places in the country where that just isn’t a possibility.

Final thoughts?
South Dakota’s beer scene is really starting to explode and we are excited to be part of a growing community that cares a lot about brewing innovative, quality craft beers.  It is great to see people like you that aren’t necessarily part of the brewing industry and the farmers that are putting down hop and malt barley on their land working to grow that beer culture in our state.



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