Lakefront Black Friday


One of the best things about sharing beer with friends is having friends in different parts of the country or friends that travel outside of your region.  I was lucky that friend Dan Roberts from the SDSU Brew Club and from Milwaukee was home at Thanksgiving and was able to make it to the brewery.  He and his Mom lined up at the Lakefront Brewery on Friday November 23 to buy the limited edition Black Friday imperial India-style black ale.  The 1200 bottles sold out in less than two hours!  Dan brought several bottles back to Brookings to share and trade with friends.  That is the story on how I was able to obtain some of this hard to find beer.  I traded Dan a couple of Three Floyds bombers for the Black Friday – a good deal for both of us!

ABV = 10%

This beer poured out dark brown into the limited edition Black Friday pint glass (also from Dan).  It had a light tan head.  The aroma was a combination of citusy/piney hops and roasty malt.  The taste was similar – delicious!  The roasty malt became more prominent as the beer warmed, but the hops were still there.  I really enjoyed this beer!  I also like their regular India Black Ale which is 6.5% ABV.  Find Black Friday if you can, or even better, share it with friends.  Thanks again to Dan for waiting in line and bringing this great beer back to Brookings!