Hydra Pairs Donuts and Beer

I’m always on the lookout for unique beer events. I’ve been to hundreds of tastings and any new spin at creating an event has my interest. I was particularly interested in the Donut & Beer pairing event Hydra Beer Company held in February, but alas I was not able to attend. Luckily, Hydra is doing it again on March 18th and March 19th. I reached out one of the brewers, Derek Soukup for more information:

Donut & Beer Tasting at Hydra Beer Company in February 2017

Beer flights, five course beer dinners, and beer festivals are all meant to do one thing – encourage trial. So when we spawned the idea of doing a donut and beer pairing at Hydra, it proved to be the ultimate trial event.

We partnered with Flyboy Donuts to create the ultimate trial by combining a caramel roll with our cold brew infused Immortal, a classic coffee break combo. The hop forward Ritual pale ale was balanced by a Boston creme-filled long john. For the chocolate lovers, we put Unholy Vanilla together with a chocolate donut with chocolate glaze. One word, decadent! My favorite was the blueberry cake donut matched with the lemony tart Morning Star.

We had some skepticism that some of the pairings would work, but in the name of experimentation everyone tried them. Some were surprised and others stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. One thing was for sure – we all left with a sugar buzz. 

– Derek Soukup, brewer at Hydra

You can sign up at the Hydra Tap Room at 2425 S. Shirley Ave in Sioux Falls.

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