Hundred Yard Dash Run

Hundred Yard Dash

Last Saturday I made a beer-run to Lucan, MN for a visit to Brau Brothers Brewing and to pick up some of their new fresh hopped beer, Hundred Yard Dash.  Their operation is the closest production brewery to me.  There is a restaurant/bar on Main Street plus a brewery a couple blocks away.  Lucan is a bit off the beaten track and is located in farm country east of Marshall, MN (home of Southwest Minnesota State University).  It was a beautiful fall day and many farmers were working on the harvest.


I first visited the BrauHaus for something to eat and a couple pints of craft beer.  The bar offers their regular lineup of beers and a seasonal on tap.  Other Brau Brothers seasonals and some other beer choices are also available in bottles.

I tried the new Hundred Yard Dash which temporarily satisfied my hop thirst!  I have to admit that I am a “hophead”.

Hundred Yard Dash

The brewery is two short blocks from the BrauHaus on the east side of town.  An adjacent hopyard contains eleven hop varieties and 1,100 hop vines that grow 18 feet tall!  This only provides part of the hops needed for the brewery.  A farm field on the property has been used to grow barley.  Plans call for pumpkins and rye for producing some new beer styles next year.

Brau Brothers Brewery

Both Dale and Dustin Brau were at the brewery.  I was immediately treated to several glasses of their fine beer (Hundred Yard Dash and Sheep Head Ale).  Next Dale showed me the brewing eqipment which came from a closed brewpub in Richmond, VA.

They distribute to five states currently – MN, WI, SD, ND & IA.  The beers are bottled and kegged.  Several seasonal beers have been released this past year including Rubus Black, Rainwater Stout, Elisha’s Olde Ale and Hundred Yard Dash.

It was fun to meet the Braus and talk about beer and hops.  The beer is good and the hospitality can’t be beat.  Thanks to Dale and Dustin for a fun visit!