Heist Brewing Company

Tom Strubel & Luke Rensink

The Heist Brewing Company is getting ready to bring their craft beer brewery to Brookings.  The partners in the company are Luke Rensink and Tom Strubel.  Both are South Dakota natives and SDSU students.  Luke is a dairy manufacturing major and Tom is a civil engineering major.  Their future location is at 611 2nd Street South, a former martial arts center.  They both started as home brewers which is how most brewers get their start.  Luke recently placed second in the South Dakota Home Brew Challenge sponsored by The Brau Brothers Brewery of Lucan, MN.

Heist Brewing Company

The brewery name is based on a 1938 Brookings robbery (heist) of the Northwest Security National Bank by Benny and Stella Dickson.

A one barrel brewing system custom made by the Blichmann Engineering Company will be the initial brewing equipment.  The company plans to start by producing draft beer and possibly some bottled special releases.  The new equipment is scheduled to arrive in May with a tentative July date for the first beer.

Tom & Luke brought several of their current beers for a sampling.  The beers were tasty and nicely done.  They included Pilot Pale Ale, Tea Off Ale made with green tea (a Belgian White Ale), Weize Guys Honey Ale (Weizenbock), Hobo Brew Ale made with three exotic peppers (a holiday seasonal), Black Lotus Porter (made with 10 different malts & molasses) and Strübel Stout.  Their aim is to produce good beers using quality ingredients.  Tom and Luke look forward to becoming a part of the Brookings business community and embarking on a “dream” career choice.  Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tom, Luke & Dale (sodakbeer)

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