2 thoughts on “Heist Brewing Company in Brookings, SD”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Matt Geffre. I own and run a small internet sports radio station here in Sioux Falls. I’m looking to get sponsors for my daily radio show and thru out the day on our 24hr radio station. I have great numbers and I continue to grow daily. Last month I avg 17-18 listeners a day. We have 3X that in Nov and only growing more. We are the #1 internet sports radio station in SD. Edgy & that’s how we like it. The Geffre Show 10-11 M-F.

    I’m hoping to add a few more show in the few months. WE tell the other station to suck it.We are not conservative like those other radio stations in SF. We have a BIG group of followers on Facebook and now on Twitter. In the a few weeks we will be broadcasting / Webcasting Sufu Beer Pong. In the Spring we will be doing Post 15 Baseball and Sioux Falls Stallions Football.

    Again our number are growing daily. My prices are low and I dont know how much longer I can keep them low with the turn out that I have now. I have a Sponsor packet that I can send. Please them me know.

    Matt Geffre (Owner)

    #1 internet sports radio station in SD

  2. Matt,
    Thanks for your note. I’m self sponsored and can’t get into advertising at this time. I will follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck with your business!

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