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Granite City Food and Brewery, a brewery profile

This profile of Granite City Food & Brewery is the seventeenth in our series profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week. Above, Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Billie Shelton. John Dunkin Jr. and Corey Birkey stand next to the large tanks where the wort is brewed at Ellsworth, Iowa.

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Official Brewery Name: 
Granite City Food & Brewery

Ownership: Granite City Food & Brewery Corporation

Brewers: Locally it is Austin Wolwhend, Dustin Sayler, Justin Christensen, and Karl Petersen

Year Founded: 1999

Address: 2620 S. Louise Ave. in Sioux Falls


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Flagship Beer:
Northern Lights

Year-round Brews:
Northern American Lager, Bennie Boch, Broad Axe Oat Stout, Duke Pale Ale, Batch 1000 Double IPA, Prairie Vixen Hefeweizen

Notable Seasonals/Features:
Peel Off Summer White Ale

Brewing equipment:
We have a fully operational brewery with a brew kettle that holds up to 600 gallons of water along with a mash tun and hopper. We have 9 fermentation vessels that hold up to 600 gallons of beer which we condition before filtering the beer into 1 of our 16 maturation vessels, which we tap into to deliver our beer to our guests.

What’s a South Dakota beer law or regulations you’d like to see changed?

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We have a concept that we named Fermentus Interuptus which basically halts the brewery process at one location so we can deliver consistent tasting beer throughout our 40 different restaurant locations.

For a video explaining Fermentus Interuptus, check out the YouTube video below

What local ingredients do you use?
We are currently working on an ingredient that comes from one of our local brewers.

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