Goose Island Harvest

Harvest from Goose Island is an “American Extra Special Bitter” fall seasonal offering.  It’s a mixture of pale, wheat and caramel malts balanced with Cascade hops.  The ABV is 5.7% and the IBUs = 35.  Pumpkin beers are not a favorite of mine , but this beer is a nice fall choice.  A six pack of 12 ounce bottles set me back $8.45 at the Brookings Liquor Store.

The beer pours out amber with an off white head into a pint glass.  There is a mild hoppy floral aroma and a balanced hop/malt flavor.   The flavor is smooth and not bitter.  This beer should appeal to most beer drinkers.  Pair with chicken, pork, turkey and sausages according to the Goose Island website.  Cheese pairings include cheddar and aged gouda.

Enjoy this seasonal choice now!