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Many people look forward to Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers in the fall, but give me a fresh (wet) hopped beer!   Fresh hopped beers are made with hops soon after they have been picked.  Most hops are dried and pelleted for year around use.  Fresh hop beers typically have amazing hop flavor and aroma ranging from pine to citrus to grassy combinations.  Readers who have followed this blog know that hoppy beers are my favorites!

Fresh hop beers are usually produced in limited quantities and are best when consumed soon after release (don’t cellar these beers).  What beers should South Dakotans look for?  Brau Brothers from Lucan, MN have produced a new batch of their Hundred Yard Dash Ale.  I was very pleased to taste this beer and find a more pine/citrus combination than last year (see review of the 2010 release).  A six pack cost $11.89 at Taylor’s Pantry/Good Spirits Fine Wine & Liquor in Sioux Falls.

Fresh hops!
Pelleted hops


Other beers to watch for in this area include Deschutes Fresh Hop Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Deschutes Hop Trip and Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest.

Brau Brothers Hundred Yard Dash Ale

These beers are usually produced in small limited batches, so pick some up while it’s still available!  Here is a link to more on fresh hop beers from

5 thoughts on “Fresh Hop Beers”

  1. Good post Dale – you know I love the fresh hops. The Hop Trip was great and I still have the fresh hop Mirror Pond in the fridge (need to get on that). It’s a great time of the year for sure. Oh and thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Hi Billy,
    Thanks for the comment! Another fresh hop beer I like is the Great Divide Fresh Hop. Unfortunately they don’t distribute to South Dakota. I have had it at the taproom during GABF and can sometimes find it when we visit relatives in Chicago. I hope to attend GABF in 2012.

  3. Yeah I will be watching 10th street Hy-vee for serria/brua since i have the beer club discount there. just a note there was a cash of the southern hemi Serria in the minnesota Hy-vee last time i was poking around in the cooler back left corner as you walk-in the cooler. picked one up and was still just as good as the one i had early this summer.

  4. Grant,
    Taylor’s Pantry still has the Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere too. What is the beer club deal at Hy-Vee?
    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Its $15 or $20 a year but gets you a 5% discount on all micro/craft and forgien beer. Plus a cut rate on their beer/wine tasting suppers that they put on couple times a year. It just at the 10th street location for right now takes the bite out of the more expensive six packs and singles.

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