Firehouse Smoke Jumper Stout: A Good Brew From South Dakota

Smoke Jumper Stout

Guest Post Written by Beer Clubs

There is more to South Dakota than Mount Rushmore.  South Dakota is known for some amazing beer.  And one of these is the Firehouse Smoke Jumper Stout.

The Smoke Jumper Stout is a product of Firehouse Brewing Company, a brewery and pub housed in the original Rapid City fire station.  The Smoke Jumper is the only stout in the company’s line of brews and it’s received great reviews from beer critics and drinkers alike.

The Firehouse Smoke Jumper Stout delivers what is to be expected from a regular stout.  A stout is defined as a dark beer made roasted malt and hops.  The Firehouse Smoke Jumper is a dark hued drink: the color can be described as dark brown to black.  When poured into a glass, it reveals a tan head that is frothy and lasting.  The Smoke Jumper is described as a ‘dry stout with a roasty coffee-like bitterness,’ and those who have tried this beer know how forward the roast is, both in aroma and flavor.  The scent of the stout itself reveals the presence of roasty malts.  One may even detect a whiff of vanilla, dark chocolate and coffee.  The taste of this dry stout is also similar.  It is indeed bitter, with the flavor of roast, light smoke, and espresso.  There is a bitter black malt taste upfront.  However, the sweetness of the malt serves as a balance to the bitterness of the hop.  As a result, the Firehouse Smoke Jumper Stout presents a clean and well-balanced experience.

Those who are not used to stouts which are sweet may have a tougher time with the Firehouse Smoke Jumper.  Some think it is too sweet for a stout, while others appreciate the sweet touch to the brew.  There are also those who take issue with the creamy quality of the beer.  The Firehouse Smoke Jumper Stout has a creamy finish, but the finish is more bitter than sweet.

In the end you need to try it for yourself. Get your hands on the Firehouse Smoke Jumper Stout and try it with a meal or all by itself.

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