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Firehouse Brewing Company of Rapid City, a brewery profile

This profile of Firehouse Brewing Co. is the thirteenth in our series profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week. Above – Mike Kilroy, head brewer.

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Official Brewery Name:
Firehouse Brewing Co.

Ownership: Bob Fuchs

Brewers: Mike Kilroy- head brewer, Zach Steele and Jon Mayes – assistant brewers

Year Founded: 1991

Address: 610 Main Street in Rapid City

Website: firehousebrewing.com

firehouse brewery rapid city

Flagship Beer:
Firehouse Red Ale, Black Hills Brown

Year-round Brews:
Firehouse Red Ale, Black Hills Brown, Teacher’s Pet Hard Cider, Bell Tower Lager

Notable Seasonals/Features:
False Alarm JalapeƱo Cream Ale, Wilderness Wheat Ale, Smoke Jumper Stout, Supercharged IPA, Buffalo Bitter ESB, Bogus Jim Spruce Ale – we produce around 40 seasonal beers annually.

Brewing equipment:
10bbl brewhouse with 10 10bbl fermenters 2 15bbl fermenters and 6 20bbl fermenters – 8 10bbl brites and 1 20bbl brite.

What’s a South Dakota beer law or regulations you’d like to see changed?
The 2017 South Dakota Legislative Session was a great step forward for SD breweries.

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We are South Dakota’s oldest operating brewery and serve a variety of creative styles combined with tried and true favorites that we have been brewing since 1991.

What local ingredients do you use?
Spruce tips, honey harvested 90 miles south of the Black Hills, we also have a hop farm south of town where we can grow Willamette, Mt. Hood and Cascade Hops.

Final thoughts?
Thank you for drinking Firehouse beer, thanks to support from the community our beer is now distributed across North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

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