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Crow Peak Brewing Company of Spearfish – a brewery profile

This profile of Crow Peak Brewing Company is the fifth in our series profiling all of South Dakota breweries. Look for a profile of another brewery next week.

Official Brewery Name: Crow Peak Brewing Company

Ownership: Jeff Drumm & Carolyn Ferrell, Josh & Tanya Fritz, Shayne & Stephanie Orth, Robert & Jan Ferrell

Brewers: Jeff Drumm (Head Brewer), Rob Lyons and Mike Stracco (assistant brewers)

Year Founded: 2007

Address: 125 US-14 in Spearfish


Flagship Beer:
11th Hour IPA

Year-round Brews:
11th Hour IPA, Pile ‘O Dirt Porter, Canyon Cream Ale

Notable Seasonals/Features:
Redwater Irish Style Red Ale, Easy Livin’ English Summer Ale, WiCCA (Wickedly Charming Chili Ale), Mjollnir (Thor’s Hammer) spruce tip ale. Plus a variety of small batch one offs.

Brewing equipment:
Pilot/original system is 5 barrel, Production brewery is a 30 barrel system. Annual capacity is 2,300 barrels.

What is a South Dakota beer law or regulation you’d like to see changed?
The regulation that prohibits breweries from serving their own beers at beer festivals in the state.

What’s unique about your brewery / beer?
We are the first South Dakota brewery to package and distribute our beers in cans. Also, we have a cool growler shaped fireplace in our tap room.

What local ingredients do you use?
Malt grown and malted in North Dakota (sorta local), hops from several South Dakota hop farms, chilis grown in Spearfish, spruce tips picked in the Black Hills.

Final thoughts?
We are happy to see the craft beer scene growing in South Dakota. When we first opened there was not much variety of craft beers available.