Crow Peak WICCA

Chili Pepper Season at Crow Peak Brewing Co.

by Ben Lippert of Loud and Clear

Avid beer lovers with a palate for spice, get your taste buds ready.

Crow Peak Brewing Company in Spearfish is unveiling its seasonal treat, affectionately referred to as the WICCA (wickedly charming chili ale).

This season marks the third anniversary for the chili beer which will be available by the end of October or early November.

So just what is it that gives the beer its heat? Josh Fritz, co-owner of Crow Peak Brewing Co. said, “It’s all in the peppers.”

“We use roasted Anaheim and jalapeño peppers,” said Fritz. “They are grown locally in the Spearfish Valley.”

Many brewers will make chili beer year-round. Crow Peak’s spicy beer has a limited season because they choose to use only locally grown peppers.

Fritz said the WICCA’s limited availability makes it even more desirable. It has sold out within a month or two since the inaugural year.

Some people have preconceived notions about spicy beers. Many of them have more spiciness than flavor and are quite literally too hot to drink. The WICCA, however, is a malty flavored spicy beer that is best described as ‘mild’ according to the Scoville scale.

“The WICCA is more on the malty side so the hops don’t overwhelm the chili flavor,” said Fritz.

Crow Peak distributes beer to bars all over South Dakota and regions of North Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. With such a wide distribution and fan base, the WICCA is sure to sell out quickly this season.

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