Chocolate Ales for Valentine’s Day


Rogue Chocolate Stout

Valentine’s Day calls for special treats for couples and singles including these two chocolate flavored ales!

The first is Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout.  This ale is a mixture of five malts, two hops, rolled oats, roasted barley, natural chocolate flavoring, coastal water and Pacman yeast.  A 22 ounce bottle costs $6.39.

ABV = 6.0%

IBUs = 69

This ale pours out with a medium brown head and dark brown color into a globe glass.  The aroma is milky, chocolate & roasty.  The taste is a balance of smooth roasty and chocolate flavors.  Delicious!  This beer will be enjoyed by most craft beer drinkers.



Boulevard Chocolate


The second is Boulevard Brewing Company Chocolate.  Christopher Elbow, maker of artisanal chocolates, collaborates with Boulevard brewmaster Steven Pauwels to make this unique ale.  The ingredients include cocoa nibs, Honey Naked oats, malted wheat, pale malt and Hallertau hops.  A 750 ml bottle costs $7.99.

IBUs = 24

ABV = 9.1%


Chocolate Ale pours out dark golden brown and clear into a snifter glass.  The aroma and taste are intense chocolate.  There is a hint of alcohol.  Chocolate Ale is a must for chocolate lovers and experienced craft beer fans.  This is the second year this ale has been available and I look forward to many more Valentine’s Days to enjoy it!

Enjoy these beers if you are with your partner or out with friends.  Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!