Chicago Beercation 2012

Our 2012 visit to Plainfield, IL for Micala’s dance recital gave me several opportunities to explore great craft beer stores, a world class brewery and a homebrew shop.

Jason Thalman

We also were able to meet Jason Thalman, one of the founders of Misfit Craft Brewery in Oswego, IL.  It was cool to meet him and hear his plans for the brewery scheduled to open in the spring of 2013.

Odell Shenanigans

We traded beers and enjoyed a bottle of Odell Shenanigans.  The crimson ale was another great choice from Odell!  We got to try a great IPA that Misfit plans to brew in the new operation – I can’t wait to visit next year to try out some more of their great beer!  Jason also has a beer blog – The Greatest Beer of All Time.  Be sure to check it out!


Future Misfit Craft Brewery IPA
Future home of Misfit Craft Brewery


I was able to visit several beer stores with great selections including several Binny’s, a Standard Market and Berkot Super Foods.

Chuck and I visited the Three Floyd’s Brewing in Munster, IN for lunch.  We both brought home lots of their great beer!


Three Floyds Brewing



We also visited Chuck’s local homebrew shop, Brew & Grow, in Bolingbrook.  I was able to pick up several items for my homebrewing setup.

Brew & Grow


Chuck Loose brewing a Furious clone

Chuck and his buddy Paul attended Darklord Day 2012 at Three Floyd’s April 28th with great results, so I brought home a treasure chest of Darklord, one of America’s best and most sought after beers!

2012 Darklord

Next up = 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference in Indianapolis & the pre-conference in Chicago!