Canyon Cream Ale from a can all summer long

by Ben Lippert of Loud and Clear

When you think of the perfect summer beer, distinctions like “light” and “refreshing” probably come to mind. Well, light beer fans can rejoice with the newest addition to the Crow Peak canned beer line-up, the Canyon Cream Ale.

The Cream Ale was actually first introduced nearly one year ago, although it was just recently put into mass production due to its widespread popularity. The clear reason for the beers’ success is the fact that it appeals to practically all palates.

What this beer lacks in ABV, it makes up for in drinkability. The Cream Ale is best compared to a Bud Light or Coors Light with its smooth consistency, except they one-upped the traditional American lagers with added honey flavor and their own blend of local ingredients.

Crow Peak’s vice president, Josh Fritz, was kind enough to chat with me about the introduction of Canyon Cream Ale to the canned line; joining its delicious brothers, the 11th Hour IPA and Pile O’ Dirt Porter.

Ben — Why can the Cream Ale over any other beer?

Josh — We originally were going to just brew the Canyon Cream Ale as a summer season beer. So we started distributing it in draft form and it quickly became evident that it was very popular. After some urging by customers as well as distributors and retailers we decided to add it to our full time lineup of beers. Putting it in cans just opens up more retail options for our beer instead of just draft.

Ben — Would you say the Cream Ale is one of your top selling beers?

Josh — It is definitely our top selling beer. I attribute that to the fact that it is a very light beer that appeals more to the Bud Light/Miller Lite/Coors Light drinkers. The cream ale gives those beer drinkers a locally produced option. I would say it has a broader appeal than a darker or more flavorful beer.

Ben — What makes Cream Ale the ultimate summer drink?

Josh — It is a light, crisp, refreshing beer that goes down smooth on a hot SD summer day! The ultimate local lawnmower beer!

Ben — Describe the flavor texture and smell. Correlate that with the ABV and IBU It has a light body and texture.

Josh — The hop aroma and flavor is very mild, this is due to a low IBU of 10. The flavor can be described as more on the malty side with a slight sweetness. The sweetness comes from the locally produced honey that we use in the brewing process, as stated on the side of the can. The ABV is 5%.

Ben — What are you and/or Crow Peak as a business most looking forward to this summer?

Josh — We look forward to a busy tourist season here in the taproom. We also look forward to coming up with new exciting beers to keep people’s interest level up! In addition we are sponsoring some bike races as well as other events this summer and we hope to be hosting many more musical acts throughout the summer.

About Crow Peak Brewing Co.

Crow Peak Brewing is located in Spearfish, SD. They brew all their beer with local ingredients from farms and producers. The taproom in Spearfish is open daily with select beers also available at local grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, restaurants and bars in the Black Hills.