Boulevard Coffee Ale


Boulevard Brewing Company recently released their new Smokestack Series Coffee Ale.  This ale is a collaboration with The Roasterie using Ethiopian Sidamo coffee.  The malt bill uses pale and caramel malts, rye, honey naked oats and malted wheat.  The hops include Perle and Styrian Golding.

ABV = 9.3%

IBUs = 26

The beer poured out amber/brown into a goblet with a generous pillowy tan head.  The aroma had a prominent coffee scent, but was a mixture of caramel, chocolate and berries too.  The taste was a nice smooth balance of roasted coffee, caramel and a bit of spicy rye.  There was a decent amount of carbonation.

This was a nice sipping beer that was well balanced, and the coffee wasn’t overpowering.  I’m glad I have another.  It was worth searching for in Sioux Falls.  Most adventurous craft beer fan will enjoy it!