Beer Review – Summit Horizon Red & Rye Ales

Horizon Red
Summit Horizon Red Ale

Summit Horizon Red Ale

ABV – 5.7%

IBUs – 65 to 70

This red ale has a creamy light tan head and a slightly cloudy amber color.  There is a nice, but not overpowering, pine hop aroma.  The pint glass has nice lacing.  The flavor is a nice balance between the hops and malt. 

Grade – B.  This is a good solid session beer for me and I will buy it again. 

Summit India Rye Ale
Summit India Rye Ale

Summit India Rye Ale

ABV – 6.3%

IBUs – 60

This amber ale has a 1+ finger head and nice lacing on the pint glass.  The beer is clear and amber in appearance.  The aroma is nice, spicy & clean.  The taste is good, but I tend to enjoy ales with rye malts.  The hops and malt are well balanced. 

Grade – A-

Comment – I like the India Ryle Ale a little better.  Both ales are great!  Too bad the India Rye Ale is a limited release!

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