Beer Review – Sierra Nevada Summerfest


Sierra Nevada Summerfest is a great lawnmower beer!  It is a lager that really tastes good on a hot day!

ABV = 5.0%

IBUs  = 28

Summerfest pours out golden yellow with a 1/2 finger head that dissipates quickly.  It has good carbonation.  The aroma is a mixture of malt and spicy hops.  Sierra Nevada uses a mixture of Perle and Saaz hops.  The taste is clean, tangy and refreshing.  This is a nice beer that is perfect for a hot day and is very sessionable with the 5.0% ABV.  It beats out all the lagers from the macrobreweries.  I will keep it in regular rotation during the summer.

Grade = B+

4 thoughts on “Beer Review – Sierra Nevada Summerfest”

  1. Dale,

    I’ve been praising this beer since summer started some months ago. I love this beer as it’s a perfect fit for summer, and here in Dallas…well 9 months out of the year seem to be summer. :/

    I think it’s a perfect balance of flavor, lightness, carbonation and refreshment for those hot summer days. It’s refreshing summer craft beer at it’s best. I would also recommended giving Left Hand Pils a shot if you can get it, as well Victory’s Pils….great for summer…even if we’re coming to an official end here soon.

    Enjoy it while you can, I think this brew is seasonal if I’m not mistaken.


  2. Ilya,
    The Summerfest is the best Pilsner here (IMHO). It isn’t bland. I’m sure it will be gone before long.
    I am getting more into seassonals for a change of pace. My son brought some Victory Festbier for me to try. He’s from the Chicago area where they have many more choices. Visiting a good beer shop there is lot’s of fun!

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