Beer Review – Schell’s Pils

Schell's Pils

Schell’s Brewing Company is located in New Ulm, MN and is celebrating their 150th Anniversary September 17-18, 2010.  Their Pils is a fine example of a European Pilsner lager made with 100% malted barley and Hallertau hops (no adjuncts such as corn or rice).

ABV = 5.6%

The beer pours out with a light white one finger head into a pint glass.  It is clear yellow with good carbonation.  Then aroma is a mixture of malt and spicy hops.  The flavor matches well with the aroma.  This beer is clean and refreshing (another good sessionable lawnmower beer).  There is light lacing on the glass.  I like this craftbeer, and it is a much better choice than the common fizzy yellow lager beers of the big “American” macrobreweries.

Grade = B

5 thoughts on “Beer Review – Schell’s Pils”

  1. Dale,

    Virtually anything is better than the big macro breweries! Even if I can enjoy one from time to time.

    If you’re liking this beer, you need to give the Pilsner’s from Left Hand Brewery, Saint Arnold’s, and Victory a try. Most people over look Pilsner’s entirely thinking that it’s a style that only belongs with the likes of Bud Light and Coor’s….but we know that’s just stupid beer douche talk 😉


  2. Ilya,
    I love the Victory Prima Pils! My son brought some from Illinois. The Left Hand and St. Arnold aren’t available here, but I will try them when I get the chance (maybe at #BBC10).
    I agree that most new craftbeer fans overlook them. A good Pilsner really hits the spot on a hot day!

  3. @Dale – Def. try some of the Left Hand Pilsner’s when you get your hands on them. The Blogger’s conference is going to be awesome especially for you I bet as you guys don’t get a lot of different craft beers. We have a bigger selection here in Texas, but still FAR from what many coastal and northern states get.

    Stupid laws….


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