Beer Review – Pursuit of Hoppiness

Pursuit of Hoppiness
Pursuit of Hoppiness

The Grand Teton Brewing Company of Victor, ID produces Pursuit of Hoppiness, an imperial red ale.  This beer comes in a 750 ml bottle.  The hops are a mixture of Summit, Simcoe, Nugget and Chinook.  The barley is a mixture of Idaho two row malted barley and German specialty malts.

ABV = 8.5%

IBUs = 100

This beer pours out amber colored and slightly cloudy into a pint glass.  There is a good head on the beer and a wonderful piney aroma.  The flavor is a great balance of piney hops and caramel maltiness with a touch of citrus.  There is good lacing on the glass.

This is a very good beer and reminds me some of Gordon by the Oskar Blues Brewing Company.  The mouth feel is not too sticky as is sometimes characteristic of malty beers.

According to the Grand Teton website, this beer pairs well with many foods including grilled meats, chicken and salmon.  Other good pairings include pizza, pasta dishes, creamy Camembert cheese and almond mascarpone.

Grade = A

Pursuit of Hoppiness really impressed me with it’s balance.  I will certainly buy it again!