Beer Review – Oskar Blues GUBNA

Oskar Blues GUBNA

This imperial IPA is made by Oskar Blues.  ABV = 10% and IBUs = 100.

GUBNA has a two finger cream colored head and a spicy hop aroma.  There is a slightly cloudy golden appearance.  The taste struck me as quite different.  This beer uses only summit hops.  There was a definite citrus flavor, but an almost onion-like aftertaste which I didn’t care for.   The pint glass had good lacing on it.

Grade = C

Additional comments – I went to Beer Advocate to check other reviews.  Most comments were very favorable, but there were a handful of negative reviews similar to mine.  I guess everyone has a different palate and different tastes.  For my money I will stick with other Oskar Blues choices such as Dale’s Pale Ale, Gordon or Ten Fidy.

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  1. Although I am generally a fan of Oskar Blues, I was not impressed with Gubna. I agree with a suggestion from another beer geek in Sioux City who advised to save the can as a collector’s item as they won’t be making very much more if it.

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