Beer Review – Melange a Trois

Melange a Trois

Mélange a Trois is a barrel aged strong Belgian Blonde Ale from the Nebraska Brewing Company.  It is a barrel aged reserve series beer that has been getting high praise from beer advocates.  The name means “blend of three” which describes the combination of Belgian ale, oak and chardonnay flavors.  The flavor is a mix of wine-like character, sweet and dry.  This ale goes through a ten month process before it is ready.  It is aged in chardonnay oak barrels.

ABV =10.0%

This ale pours out gold and cloudy into a snifter glass with a fluffy almost two finger head.  There is a pleasant wine-like aroma.  The taste is delicious, smooth and wine-like.  It should be sipped slowly and enjoyed.  The ale is dry and clean on the palate.

Sue comments that this beer is very, very good (heavenly!).  It beats any wine she has had.  She frowned when I told her that the extra bottles were being shared with several other beer bloggers.  Hopefully we can pick up a couple more if we get down to the brewpub.

Grade = A (this ale is on my top ten list!)

Good job Nebraska Brewing Company!

8 thoughts on “Beer Review – Melange a Trois”

  1. I just saw a bottle of this stuff at the place by me where I usually buy all my good beers. It’s a great local place for the beer fanatic 🙂


    I left it alone for now to try some other time. However now I believe that I must go tonight to pick up a bottle of the ale, especially after seeing how rich the head looks and how great the color is. The oak should really bring out some seriously good flavors in this one as well.

    Can’t wait now!


  2. Dale,

    I’m in Texas. Dallas to be more exact. Our beer culture here in Dallas is so so, not bad but nothing that really stands out.

    Austin on the other hand 🙂


  3. But it’s in the early stages, which is fantastic. Many area’s in the country won’t even hear about, as long as they have their bud light’s they’re happy.

    It’s growing all over the country…only a matter of time now… 🙂


  4. You can click on the link on the left side of the page under – Recent Posts – labeled “Beer Review – Melange a Trois”. This is a little shorter version. Thanks for your comment!

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