Beer Review – Infinium


The Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) and Weihenstephan collaborated on this champagne style beer. Weihenstephan is the world’s oldest brewery and is located in Bavaria, Germany.

ABV = 10.3%

The beer comes in a beautiful 25.4 oz. (750 ml) caged and corked bottle.  It pours out gold into a champagne glass.  It has a huge head and great lacing.  It is very bubbly as you would expect with a champagne style beverage.  It is delicious but slightly sweet for my taste.  The high alcohol content isn’t obvious (10.3%).

Grade = B+

I’m glad I picked up two of these at the Brookings Liquor Store.  It is a bit pricy at $18.99.  It is appropriate for a special occasion.  I would recommend trying it if you like trying something different, festive & special.

2 thoughts on “Beer Review – Infinium”

  1. Hey Dale,

    WOW – you had a steal at $18.00

    Many of the retailers in MA are selling Infinium for $29 (without the taxes).

    I’m not sure if you noticed it on the bottle, it’s best used by date is in 2011. (I don’t have my bottle in front of me, but I was surprised that it shouldn’t be cellar-ed).


  2. Sean,
    It was actually $18.99. It sold fast! I hope you guys have a good Christmas! Are you signed up for the #BBC11 in Portland?

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