Beer Review – Hundred Yard Dash

The Brau Brothers Brewing Company has produced a fresh hopped beer this fall named Hundred Yard Dash.  I journeyed to Lucan, MN to pick some up and to tour the brewery and restaurant.  They are one of the few breweries producing some of their own hops.  The hopyard is only 100 yards from the brewery, so this explains the beer’s name!

Hundred Yard Dash

ABV = 6.8%

Hops – Centennial, Cascade, Mt. Hood, Sterling & Nugget

Hundred Yard Dash

The beer pours out clear and dark gold into a pint glass.  There is a piney/grassy aroma.  The head is nice and foamy.  The flavor is very grassy/piney, and nice lacing is present on the glass.  The flavor leans a little much in the grassy area for my taste.  I hope they keep making this beer in following years because the hop profile may change according to the year.  I congratulate them for venturing into this area of brewing!

Grade = B

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