Beer Review – Crow Peak 11th Hour IPA

Crow Peak 11th Hour IPA

The Crow Peak Brewing Company has arrived in Brookings, SD!  I picked up a sixer of their new canned 11th Hour IPA after work.  I haven’t been able to get to Spearfish this summer and the beer has only recently been distributed in cans.  Crow Peak is the first South Dakota Brewery to can and keg their beers.

ABV = 6.5%

IBUs = 100

The 12 ounce can pours out a copper/amber/dark gold color into a pint glass.  It has a nice 1+ head and pleasant pine/citrus aroma.  The flavor is a hoppy blend of pine and citrus flavors nicely balanced by malt.  The glass has very nice lacing.  This is a very fine drinkable beer and I’m happy to say it represents the state well!  It will be a regular purchase when I’m looking for a well balanced IPA.  Well done Crow Peak!

Grade = A-  This beer is equal, IMHO, to Boulevard Single Wide IPA and New Belgium Ranger.

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