Beer Review – Avery duganA IPA

Avery duganA IPA

Avery Brewing is located in Boulder, CO.  I have visited their taproom twice.  They produce many good beers including the duganA IPA reviewed here.

ABV = 8.5%

IBUs = 93

The beer was poured into a snifter and had a 1 1/2 finger head.  The aroma was hoppy and piney.  The color was a “South Dakota honey” (see image below).  The honey is from Adee Honey Farms, Bruce, SD, one of this countries largest honey producers.  Sue, my wife, picked up on the similar colors.

South Dakota honey & duganA

Others describe the color as amber or dark gold.  The beer was cloudy in appearance.  The flavor was similar to the aroma – hoppy and piney.  The glass had nice lacing.

Grade = A-

This is a good beer.  I would encourage any hop lover to try it.  It would not be a choice for most new craftbeer drinkers.

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