Beer Bloggers Visit Chicago

Chicago is a fun place to visit, and that was certainly the case last week when the Beer Bloggers visited!  The trip was a Beer Bloggers pre-conference excursion organized by Jessica Murphy and Kristin Stroud.


The group met at the Downtown Howard Johnson and then rode the “L” to the Goose Island Clybourn Pub for supper.

Goose Island Clybourn Pub

We had a gourmet beer pairing meal with pairings of Lolita with Trout & Tomatoes, Matilda with Pork Belly & Pasta, Juliet with Leg of Lamb and Madame Rose with Chocolate & Cherries.  My favorite was the Juliet pairing!

Juliet with Leg of Lamb


After supper we boarded a party bus for Piece Brewery & Pizzeria.  While there I visited with Ken Hunnemeder of Hop Cast and enjoyed a Worryin’ Ale.  It was a Thursday night, but the streets, pubs and restaurants were crowded.  It was interesting to see that many old buildings were remodeled and in use.  Next up was Revolution Brewing.


I had a delicious Repo Man Rye Stout there.  The tap handles were especially cool!


Repo Man Rye Stout


Last stop was Haymarket Pub and Brewery.  While there I enjoyed a First Chance American IPA.  It was interesting to visit here after watching the remodeling videos on Hop Cast.

All the stops were excellent and areas were reserved for our group at each stop during the busy night.  The service, food and beers were outstanding!

Our group was bussed to Indianapolis Friday with a lunch stop at Lafayette Brewing.  We had lunch, several beers and ended with a special dessert pairing of 13 year old Big Boris Barleywine paired with a locally made truffle from Kathy’s Kandies.  Delicious!

Big Boris


Chicago was an awesome start to the Beer Bloggers Conference!  Thanks to the organizers, sponsors and pubs!  Join me again as I post more about the conference.

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