B. Nektar Meadery Arrives in Dakotaland

B Nektar Meads
B. Nektar Meads


B. Nektar Meadery meads have arrived in Dakotaland! Global Distributing will be bringing these tasty choices to us. The Ferndale, MI meadery is a world class meadery (see 2011 Mazer Awards for meads). You may ask why a beer website is talking about meads. The reason is because they are a fermented beverage using honey and a choice when looking for an alternate to beers. Meads (except for braggots) are usually acceptable for folks that are gluten-intolerant. I tried two choices with good and so-so results. Read on for my tasting notes.


Zombie Killer Cyser
Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser


Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser is a cyser type of mead. Cyser is a standard mead made with the addition of apples or apple juice. In addition tart cherry juice is added to this mead. I liked this better than Kill all the Golfers which I will talk about later.

Tasting notes –

Zombie Killer pours out light pink into a goblet. There is little to no head but it is lightly carbonated. The aroma is primarily apple cider with light cherry hints. The flavor is tasty like a good hard apple cider with cherry hints. It is refreshing with a dry finish. Cider fans, wine enthusiasts and craft beer dare devils will enjoy it!


500 ml bottle

$6.99 + tax at the Brookings Municipal Liquor Store


Kill all the Golfers Mead
Kill all the Golfers Mead


Kill all the Golfers is a mead with lemon juice and dry hopped with black tea. It was too sweet for me, but sweet tea fans will most likely love it. Be sure to appreciate the label art featuring a gopher driving a golf cart. The backstory is inspired by the Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield movie “Caddy Shack”.

Tasting notes –

Kill all the Golfers pours out gold and hazy into a goblet. This mead is lightly carbonated but has little to no head. The aroma is sweet from the honey base with hints of tea and lemon. The taste reminds me of sweet tea. The mouthfeel is medium and sweet. I was not a fan of this mead since I don’t especially like “sweet tea”. I’m sure mead fans will like it if they prefer their tea with sugar and lemon.


500 ml bottle

$6.99 at the Brookings Municipal Liquor Store


Welcome B. Nektar to Dakotaland! I am looking forward to your other meads (especially Evil Genius – a hoppy IPA style mead)! Thanks to Global Distributing for bringing these new choices to our state!

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