4 Glasses Worth Splurging On

The Beer Bloggers Conference was held in Indianapolis July 13 – 15.  It was a chance to meet old friends and make new friends.  It was also the place to learn and share.  And don’t forget, it was an event to celebrate beer!

One of the best presentations was by Spiegelau and Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery about the importance of using proper glassware when enjoying craft beer.  The hour long presentation guided the attendees through a series of five different Brooklyn beers.  The beers were sampled in a standard pint glass versus a series of four Spiegelau crystal beer glasses.  The beer connoisseur set consists of glasses for wheat beer, tall pilsner, lager and a tulip.  During the session we were able to appreciate how the Spiegelau glasses maintained the beer temperature, helped with head retention and optimized aroma and flavor.

Watch this clip for NBC New York to see the glasses in action.

Many agreed that this was the best presentation at the conference.  I would recommend attending a Spiegelau tasting. A set of these glasses is a good investment for craft beer fans.

The glasses list for $49, but may be found for less online.

Last, but not least, the Great Brooklyn Brewery beers were Brooklyner Wheat, Sorachi Ace, East India Pale Ale, Local 2 and Black Ops.  Thanks to Brooklyn Brewery, Spiegelau and Garrett Oliver for this great event!

Black Ops